Top 3 Tips to Make a Car Last Longer

Even if you have been driving for a long time, there is nothing wrong in learning a few new tips which will help you a lot in maintaining your vehicle – this is a quick and easy little refreshment course.

1) Be Patient During the Break-In Period:

  • During the break-in period, the first 1600km, keep your speed below 80km/hour or the speed recommended by your car manufacturer.
  • Avoid heavy loads such as trailers and loading heavy construction materials on the roof rack or in the roof box.
  • Don’t let your new car stay idle for a long period of time because this will increase the risk of rusting especially if you are living in a cold environment and also damage the electronic system of your car. If your vehicle remains idle for more than a month then the battery will get discharged slowly and in the end, you will have a dead battery in your vehicle and you will not be able to start your vehicle.
  • Choose low to moderate acceleration, keeping engine revs below 3000 RPM for the first hours of driving.

2) If You Get Stuck in Mud Hire a Tow Truck:

When you get stuck in mud or snow, don’t make it worst by damaging the expensive components of your vehicle. Try to get your vehicle out of the mud gently if possible and avoid putting a heavy strain on the engine.

  • Moving your car back and forth several times and spinning tires at high speed can generate a lot of heat and damage the transmission, clutch, and differentials.
  • It is best to hire a tow truck which is less expensive and less time-consuming as compared to the risk of expensive repair bills.
  • Always keep some items in your trunk which will help in possible traction, such as sand, gravel, and pieces of wood, etc…

3) Do Not Put Your Foot on the Brake:

Do not leave your foot on the brake pedal while driving.

  • Even slight pressure can cause resistance that will wear the brakes and waste fuel which will decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle

By following these tips, you will wear your car less quickly and therefore avoid and delay certain repairs in the future.

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