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7 tips to beautify your nails without manicure

Before applying polish, it is essential that our nails be healthy. We must take care of it. Discover here our tips for beautifying your nails without spending a fortune.

You want to beautify your nails without going through the manicure box so you do not spend a lot of money? So this article is for you! You will love our tips.

It is quite possible to take care of your nails in a simple way by using everyday products that we all have at home. Thanks to these products, your will sport beautiful nails .

We deliver here seven tips that do not take too much time. You may already know some of them. We encourage you to try tips you do not know yet. We are sure they will please you!

1. Sodium bicarbonate, an ally to whiten and beautify your nails:

Because of the poor quality of the nail polish we use or because we nail our nails too often, sometimes our nails turn yellowish. This gives the impression of nails in bad condition.
You may have tried to put transparent varnish to camouflage the state of your nails, the result will not be that expected.

If you are in this situation, know that sodium bicarbonate is your ally. Many of us have this product at home. Just let this product work on your nails for about fifteen minutes. Your nails will regain their natural color.

Remember to repeat the operation regularly.

2. Apple vinegar:

Your nails tend to break? This is not necessarily due to the fact that you are glazing your nails too much. Other factors may be behind this observation.

Anyway, if your nails break easily, you'll love this tip. Simply apply a little vinegar to your nails with a cotton pad or dip your nails directly into a bowl of vinegar.

Opt preferably for apple vinegar and repeat the operation every other day.

3. Lemon, an ally to nourish and beautify nails:

Although it seems odd, lemon can help you beautify your nails by feeding them and, most importantly, by disinfecting them.

If you have fungus on your nails because you do not take enough care, apply a little lemon juice on your nails with a cotton pad or soak your nails in lemon juice.

The first option is the simplest. If you do this regularly, we assure you that your nails will be beautiful.

4. Olive oil, a hydration ally to beautify your nails:

If your nails are brittle, do not hesitate to mix some lemon juice with a good dose of olive oil . This mixture will create a protective layer and your nails will not break so easily.

If you only use olive oil, apply it directly on the nails for a few minutes.

5. Sequins to get away from it:

You have no varnish on hand? Do you want to beautify your nails rather than just a clear varnish? If you have already found yourself in this situation, we advise you to always have at hand glitter that you like the most.

After applying clear nail polish, plunge your fingers into the glitter and wait for your nails to dry. Once your nails are dry, remove the excess product and iron a coat of clear varnish. The result will be spectacular!

6. Washi-tape tape for flawless nails:

The washi-tape is also a product that can help us when we do not have transparent varnish on hand. You can cover your nails with this tape and cut it to fit the shape of your nails.

The good thing with this product is that it attaches easily, but make sure to avoid wrinkles. Once laid, you can file the excess in the upper area of ​​the nail.

7. A home decoration:

If you want to beautify your nails while being creative, we encourage you to play with sequins and washi-tape.

You can, for example, mix clear varnish with glitter to get a nice bright color . As for the washi-tape, you can vary the shapes on your nails.

You can also use a fine marker to create spectacular designs on your nails.
Give free rein to your creativity. If you like originality, using sponges to get a gradient is another original idea.

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Have you ever tried one of the tips in this article? Which of these tips have you liked the most?

Embellishing your nails does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money.

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