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Interview with Michelle Lewin: There's zumba in the air

michelle lewin latest interview

Strong by zumba ambassador and fitness model Michelle Lewin was in Paris her favorite city for the body fitness salon. interview spicy and without language of wood of cuerpa (his spanish nickname).

 Interview with Michelle Lewin: there’s zumba in the air…

 To begin, how are your buttocks?

 Better laughs for those who do not know i was bitten by a pig in the bahamas. i had not seen the sign telling me to drop any food on the ground if something went wrong. my husband was filming me laughing and the video became completely viral.

How did you become a fitness model?

  I was competing in a fitness bikini at age 23 before being spotted by a photographer. i liked this time of my life but i quickly realized that the universe of these competitions was sometimes based on financial affinities rather than our value.

Child did you see her like that your adult life?

 Not at all when i was little i wanted to be a stay-at-home mom take care of my husband my children and do good cooking like my mother or aunt. today i travel a lot and i have no child but i regret nothing of my career.

Training nutrition knife is that your life?

  A little yes in the morning 45 minutes of cardio according to my mood rower running then i prepare my meals of the day since i do about five meals a day including actually a lot of animal protein salmon beef chicken and carbs before returning to train.

 In the afternoon it is often muscu, between 1 and 2h additional according to the parts of the body.

Tips for real people

  I feel good about what i do. If you want results on your body, your well-being your life, you have to be determined; make choices to stick to it including swaying trashy food from your home if you have to. 

That’s what i did. feeling good in your sneakers is the most important thing to keep motivation going.

 You have to deal with frustration too otherwise are you sure that strong by zumba will interest our readers? 

 Yes totally. this program does not look like zumba: its hiit squats down up pumps kicks only remains the musical component more intense. what work coordination. 

On Instagram, you post workouts photos very inspiring but not only… 

 Yes i also use it to talk about what is happening with Nicolas Maduro and the difficulties of my native Venezuela including the massive cut of water gas and electricity last month. 

I take my part by relaying some videos to show what is happening here and now.

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