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7 Health and Fitness Tips to Follow 2019

health and fitness tips

1 exit

 We can not say it enough: there are a lot of reasons to go out whether for your training or to have fun. 

Research published in the scandinavian journal of work environment health has shown that outdoor exercise lowers blood pressure and boosts mental health more than when you stay indoors. 

Whether youre kayaking rock climbing horseback riding or mountain biking outdoor activities let you breathe in fresh air absorb vitamin d and recharge your batteries. says jennifer pharr davis a hiker author and owner of the blue ridge hiking company who has hiked six continents explored trails in 50 states and holds the appalachian trail endurance record.

 It can also allow you to work your muscles in different ways. 

Exercising at the gym is one thing but if youre running on a path if youre kayaking for the first time or if you're riding more than youve ever done before youre still in trouble. natural obstacles they will expose your weaknesses and challenge your muscles. 

Finally in nature you are always welcome we remind you that you are beautiful and that your body can do incredible things research has shown that hiking can even boost your creativity by 60%.

 2 eat more fruit and vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables because aside from doing more exercise there is no better way to be healthier avoid illness and live longer. 

The latest nutrition study conducted by the university of southern california focuses on fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of potassium such as sweet potatoes avocados spinach beans and bananas. if you follow a typical western diet says mcdonough your sodium intake is high and the potassium intake is low. 

This significantly increases your risk of developing high blood pressure problems when your dietary potassium level is low your body uses sodium retention to overcome this limited potassium. 

Its like having a higher sodium diet. try to eat at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and in addition to those mentioned above opt for apricot coffee clams beetroot kiwi cabbage watercress chilli chard squash tomato cauliflower spinach and celery for foods richer in potassium.

fruits and vegetables

 3 decrease your stress by breathing deeply

If you feel a drop in your diet add some deep breathing exercises at the end of your workout. Research conducted by rutgers university has shown that concentrated meditation and aerobic activity can help fight the symptoms ofdepression and anxiety in adults with or without depressive disorders.

4 Say more thanks to the sound

We all love listening to these recordings of natural sounds that help us sleep as they contain comforting environments that help us unwind like a stormy rain jungle sounds at night or the sound of waves on the coast. 

They naturally make you calmer and allow you to escape. Nobody knows why. to answer this question scientists from the medical school in brighton and sussex in the uk recently conducted a study in which they examined individuals who listened to natural sounds in an MRI machine. 

We are used to the feeling of relaxation and disconnection that we feel during a walk in the countryside and now we have evidence from our brain and body that helps us understand this effect says the main author of the study cassandra gould van praag. we have achieved results that can have an impact in real life especially for people who experience high levels of stress. 

outdoor exercises

 5 always be aware of risk

 You’ve probably heard the phrase we have nothing for nothing but its dangerous to push your limits too hard in practice sessions and the consequences can go beyond sore muscles and fatigue

Athletes who train too much can develop a condition called rhabdomyolysis a breakdown of muscle tissue that can lead to kidney failure heart problems and even death. although rare this disease affects approximately 26 000 people in the united states each year. Athletes doing extreme or high intensity workouts are often among those who experience the effects of rhabdomyolysis.

6 Eat green food

Chlorophyll the pigment that gives plants and algae their green color is the last super-food to add color to a juice bar. it is becoming more popular for its range of health benefits. 

Chlorophyll is linked to cancer prevention because it can attack potential carcinogens and prevent them from circulating through the body says sonya angelone spokesperson for the academy of nutrition and dietetics. 

It has also been proven to improve skin health by reducing the number of cold sores as it has an antiviral effect and can accelerate healing time the best source of chlorophyll is green vegetables says angelone. 

Make a smoothie with spinach carrot cucumber peppers and tomatoes and add fresh lemon or lime juice and some spicy sauce. this spicy drink gives me energy and allows me to avoid the bar of the afternoon. 

In addition it contains a large amount of fiber which helps to nourish the good bacteria in our digestive system many vitamins minerals and other phytochemicals.


 7 Take the pose

Yoga has many advantages it allows you to lose weight have a better immune system and relieve back pain. If you’re still not convinced that yoga should be a regular part of your training plan think about your long-term mental health.

According to a study published in frontiers in aging neuroscience yogis over 60 who have practiced yoga at least twice a week for at least eight years have a better brain structure than women of the same age and level of activity that have never practiced yoga or meditation. 

Their brain remained thicker in the left prefrontal cortex the area of ​​the brain associated with memory and attention. 

In the same way as the muscles the brain develops through training says Elisa Kozasa of the Israelita albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo brazil a researcher who took part in the study in a press release like any other contemplative practice yoga has a cognitive compound in which attention and concentration are important.

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