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Which fat-burning sport to choose? Best Fat Burning Exercises

best fat burning exercises

Cycling, elliptical bike, treadmill or rowing machine? To eliminate calories, opt for the sport fat-burning that suits you!

 1.    The treadmill:

733 kilocalories * (kcal)
Alternative to jogging on asphalt, the treadmill helps burn fat with comfort and optimization: it adjusts its distance, speed, an inclination of the carpet, and we put his weight on a digital dashboard. 

During the race, keep an eye on the race to see how much you burn calories.
  • Plus: Performance monitoring and comfort.
  • The least: We tend to believe that the machine does everything, so we are less attentive to distances and his style of race.
  • Muscles solicited: Thighs and calves, mainly.
* at a steady pace (13 km / h) for 60 minutes for a weight of 60 kg.

 2.    The  rower:

 733 kcal *
With him, no need to go on the water to experience the benefits of rowing. Sitting on the ground on a removable seat, you pull a rope connected to a wheel or, depending on the type of rower, you operate up and down two hydraulic arms. 

By these repeated actions, you reproduce the movements you could make on the water with two oars.
  • The plus: Easy to use, it makes work all the muscles at the same time.
  • The least: He asks a lot of the back.
  • Required Muscles: Chest, shoulders, arms, but also thighs and abs.
* in 60 minutes for a weight of 60 kg.

3. The elliptical trainer:

 720 kcal *
Practical, the elliptical trainer combines several disciplines in one movement: running, rowing, stepper and exercise bike. Your feet rest on pedals attached to two large handles that go up to shoulder height.
  • The principle: when you move your legs and arms, the pedals follow the movement of an ellipse and the handles go from front to back.
  • The plus: work gently and little traumatic.
  • The least: solicitation of the lumbar and monotony of the practice.
  • Muscles stressed: thighs, glutes, calves, arms, shoulders, pecs.
* in 60 minutes, for a weight of 60 kg. 

4. Cycling:

 302 kcal *
To climb inaccessible slopes and race against the clock without impacting the back and joints. Archidynamic, the indoor bike, better known as "cycling" or "biking", is practiced in small groups, the sound system thoroughly.
  • Plus: Muscle lower body.
  • The least: The decibels, during the session.
  • Muscles stressed: Thighs, calves, and buttocks.
* at a steady pace (20 km / h) for 60 minutes for a weight of 60 kg.

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