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Tips for keeping your clothes flawless


Your white tops have blues after only three washes? Do you have the annoying habit of narrowing your favorite sweaters? Have you ever burned your lucky dress? Here is a catch-up session for all the dunces of the interview!

1 / Stop recalcitrant tasks

A stain of fat on your blouse? To save your clothes, you have to put some elbow grease on your clothes. And there is not a minute to lose. Start by removing the excess material with a knife to avoid spreading the task. Wet the stained fabric with cold water and scrub vigorously with Marseille soap (your savior). 

Rinse with cold water and repeat the operation if necessary. Once this first wash is done, go to the washing machine! The other alternative? Use stain removers ready to use just before the machine is started. 

The Tip in +: a deodorant taskon your beautiful black dress? Use the fibers of your tights to remove white stains. Next time, consider putting on your deodorant once you are dressed.

2 / White linen as snow

The cleaning aces all have their little secrets, not so well kept. For example, to give your white laundry all its former vigor, let it soak for 30 minutes in a mixture of baking soda (2 tablespoons) and white vinegar before washing. The process is also very effective at removing bacteria and bad odors (essential when washing at low temperatures). In short, a must! 

The trick in +: to whiten your laundry, you can also throw a sachet of baking powder in your machine, or two tablets of aspirin.

washing machine

3 / Gentle wash

If there was one word to remember to keep your fluffy clothes the longest, it would be "sweetness". Forget the high-temperature washes that are not usually needed for ordinary laundry . 

Prefer a 30 cycle for everyday use. When you have particularly delicate linen, the ideal is the washing by hand. Otherwise, put your fragile clothes in a wash net or pillowcase to avoid chafing. 

The trick in + : Zip, motus and mouth stitched, remember to put back the zippers of your clothes before going into the machine.

4 / We do not put everyone in the same basket

To avoid defective coloring, scrupulously sort the colors and materials before washing , and if possible use a detergent dedicated to white and another to black. 

Do not give in to the temptation to overload the machine: you risk not only wear it prematurely, but especially that your laundry does not feel the rose. Remember not to dry the black clothes in the sun so that it does not clear. And most importantly, do not abuse the dryer, which in the long run damages clothes. 

The trick in + : The specialists advise to ventilate regularly your closet in order to keep your clothes longer.
fashion style tips

5 / A little outfit please!

You will grant it to us, a badly ironed outfit makes instantly lose to its holder all fashion credibility. If ironing is not your thing, help yourself by choosing a quality iron. It will change your life and save you a lot of time! Choose, for example, the lift units from the Swiss brand Laurastar, a reference in the haute couture world. 

This nomadic and practical object is also ultra-efficient. Not only will ironing and ironing your clothes in a helping hand thanks to its increased effectiveness, but you will also eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and mites (the Institut Pasteur estimates that only a wash between 66 and 88 degrees eliminates these pathogens). 

How it works ? Thanks to the DMS (Dry Microfine Steam) hygienic steam, which circulates at a speed 15 times higher than conventional flat irons. This is worth the mark to be recommended in the Swiss maternity hospitals since 35 years since the bacteria are eliminated without having to resort to toxic products for the environment and the babies. 

The trick in +to keep clothes impeccable, the ideal is to hang them on hangers. But not just any. For knits, jackets and tops, prefer round hangers and ideally padded so as not to deform them. For pants, hangers, and finally for shirts, classic hangers to keep their outfit.

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