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Complete Fitness for beginner women by What Studies

women fitness

If you want to start exercising, it is advisable to consider some tips before doing fitness. This way you can easily avoid injuries and pains.

Have you decided to start training? Congratulations! In this article we will give you some fitness recommendations for beginner women. In addition, we will offer you a basic routine, but very complete.

Fitness Tips for Beginner Women

If you want to start exercising, you probably need some advice. In this way, you will benefit from the routine, you will be comfortable and you will avoid aches as well as the wounds:


Stretch well

Before and after practice, you need to stretch your muscles a bit. Indeed, stretching at the beginning will allow you to "warm up" the parts you will work on later . And in the end, they will prevent your muscles from hurting you. 

Train 60 minutes maximum

First of all, it is wrong to believe that you have to spend two hours at the gym to get all the benefits of the sport. Indeed, after a while the muscles are tired and stop working. By spending less time, you will avoid the muscular fatigue so common overtraining.

On the other hand, it is also discouraged to train every day. Indeed, you must give the body the necessary time to recover. Therefore, leave a day off between sessions. For example, train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Wear appropriate clothing

You can practice women's fitness anywhere, whether in a gym, at home or in a park. But, in any case, you must wear special clothes. So, that means they have to be comfortable. However, they do not need to come from a particular brand. The same goes for shoes.


 Hydrate yourself

It is essential to drink at least two liters of water a day . When you exercise, consider increasing this amount and especially drink during the routine. In this way, you will avoid dehydration and improve your performance.

Basic fitness routine for women

You already have the right clothes, the organized schedule and the desire to start. Also, it remains to know some basic exercises as part of a fitness routine for women :

girl squats


These are the "kings" of training. Although many hate them, squats actually allow us to have firm thighs and buttocks . There are dozens of versions and adaptations. Nevertheless, to begin, do the most common ones.

Standing, spread your legs to the width of the hips. In addition, always keep your spine straight . Slowly lower the trunk while bending your knees. The line of the knees must not exceed that of the tiptoes . Hold for a few seconds and start over from the beginning. 

The pumps

If this is your first day at the gym, it can be difficult to pump. The good news is that there are more simple variations or depending on your abilities (which will of course improve if you train).

First, stand face down on a sports mat and press the palm of your hands in front of your head with your elbows facing out. Then, cross your legs and push on your knees . Bend your elbows while raising your torso forwards, without going beyond the line of the fingers of the hand.

Another alternative is to make pumps against the wall. Stand facing him, stand up and rest your hands with your arms extended. Then, bend your elbows and make a diagonal movement of the torso. The feet remain motionless.

female fitness


 Here is another typical exercise in a fitness routine for beginner women. It's about taking big steps and getting the body down as low as possible. To begin, stand up straight with your two legs stuck together.

Take a step forward with the right leg and bend both knees to lower the torso. Keep your back straight throughout the movement. Then, after a few seconds, return to the starting position and change sides.

The bridge

This exercise is perfect for working the pelvic area as well as the lower abdominals . On your back on your sports mat, bend your knees and press your soles. The arms are on the sides of the body. Lift the torso off the floor, very slowly.

As a result, there are many fitness exercises for beginner women that you can add to your routine. Start with the basics and increase the intensity gradually.

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