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Week 1: resume the Exercise, it hurts!

My first week of fitness is over and my body is in pain. Recovery was more than difficult, but not impossible!

It's goodwill I start this week, and my fitness program with:

  • Floor mats, ok.
  • Skipping rope , ok
  • Dumbbells of 2.5 kg, ok.
  • A fridge full of protein ok.

On the menu:

  • Scrambled eggs for breakfast
  • Chicken breast for lunch
  • Almonds in case of little hunger
  • From red meat to dinner. 

But after this great motivation impulse, it's disillusionment. We are Monday, I made 10 pumps and I already want to die.

Yet my coach had warned me. For someone as sporty as me, the start promises to be tough! Of course, he was not wrong but I do not despair. Well, I do not hide it, I am far from the 20 minutes of daily exercise assigned to me.

Every day his body aches. My body is working hard, oh yes! I feel like I feel all the muscles in my body wake up, even those I have never suspected.

And the running in all this?

Running is all I hate. Putting one foot in front of the other in fast forward has never been my big passion. But I go there, I go for it. Wednesday, 8:15 pm, the night falls, the wind rises. I want to cry, but I put on my runnings and jump into the arena. Or almost. no pain no gain it seems.

Running alone:

Goal? Run 20 minutes while trying to find my rhythm and stabilize my breath. After 13 minutes and 2.90 km, I declare forfeit. To repeat in two days seems to be simply impossible, and yet!

Running with my coach:

Backed by my coach, I'm about to go beyond my limits. It's the end of the day, the weight of the past week weighs heavily on me, I have aches and ... it's raining cats! The dream. I put one foot in front of the other and go. A side point on the left flank gives me already want to stop me. My coach motivates me and reveals his trick:

"In the event of a sore point: squeeze the place where the pain is felt and take a few deep breaths until the pain passes"

And it works! He is really strong this coach. During our "walk", Mehdi helps me analyze the more or less pleasant sensations that run through my body. 5 minutes have passed and I'm already tired. Why?

"At the beginning of the effort, the body consumes the energy stored in the cells. When these are not enough, the body is forced to draw its energy elsewhere and uses oxygen molecules for that purpose. It is during this transition period that this feeling of fatigue occurs."

27 minutes and 3.5 km of running at 9km / h later, we are back at the Usine Opera. My body is about to collapse, my legs flank and I do not feel my face, but I succeeded! If the beginning of the week depressed me, this weekend is official, I'm proud of myself.

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