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Trump supporters build a private wall on the Mexican border

A former US military started building the first portion of a private wall along the US-Mexico border, using money collected online from supporters of Donald Trump. 

"It's an American way of saying" Congress, you do not serve anything and we fight for it. We are going to build (the wall) ourselves, "says Jeff Allen, co-owner of the land where the private wall is being built.

Determined to help the US President honor his promise to build a "big, beautiful wall" on the border, Allen began erecting steel fences last weekend on his lands in the town of Sunland Park, near from the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez.

The project is funded by the company "We Build The Wall", says Jeff Allen. The company was started by Brian Kolfage, a three-member war veteran, to help Mr. Trump erect his wall. More than 22 million dollars have already been paid by Internet users via a crowdfunding platform.

Donald Trump's former adviser, right-wing strategist Steve Bannon, chairs the company's advisory board.

"It's not Europe. It's America. We are protecting our borders, "56-year-old Jeff Allen told AFP while workers are busy setting up pieces of the fence behind him.

The tenant of the White House failed to push the Congress to allocate the billions of dollars desired to complete the wall on the Mexican border, the flagship promise of his campaign, arm-wrestling that led early in the year to the longest paralysis of federal administrations in history, for more than a month.

He then declared the "national emergency", which makes it possible to reallocate to his project federal funds already validated. But a federal judge in California tentatively blocked this procedure on Friday.

The new private barrier is 800 meters long and meets the same criteria as the government-built border fences, Allen said.

The fiftieth year ensures that he has nothing against the migrants. He is married to a Mexican and his daughter was born in Ciudad Juarez where he lived for three and a half years.

"It's not about racism. It is to protect myself and for America to have a secure border. If people want to immigrate, they have to go to a legal point of entry, he says.

He refused to disclose the cost of the wall.

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