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Trump bids farewell to the Emperor of Japan and goes to a naval base

Yokosuka - US President Donald Trump bade farewell to Emperor Naruhito on Tuesday and flew by helicopter to an American naval base, the last stop on a symbolic visit to Japan to reaffirm America's presence in Asia facing the rise of China.

Mr. Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania, was offered the honor on Monday to be the first foreign leader to meet the new Emperor and Empress Masako.

His visit began Saturday, little rich in substance, was marked by a round of golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the delivery by the US President of a cup at the end of a sumo tournament in Tokyo.

Delicate negotiations over Washington's repeated calls for Japan to open its market further to US products, failing which it could be imposed heavy tariffs in the car, were postponed after senatorial elections scheduled for July in Japan.

But Donald Trump's presence and his host's intense efforts to please him were first and foremost a strong signal of China's growing influence and North Korea's lingering threat to demonstrate that the United States remains a major power in Asia.

And Mr. Trump ended his trip with a demonstration of the military aspect of this presence by delivering a speech aboard a Japanese ship, the Kaga helicopter carrier. He then addressed the soldiers of the American assault ship Wasp.

The Japan-US military alliance also has its commercial aspect and Trump confirmed Monday that Japan would acquire 105 additional F-35 fighter aircraft. Tokyo had committed in December to this acquisition, which should bring to 147 the number of these furtive hunters in his possession. "This acquisition would give Japan the largest fleet of this aircraft among the US Allies," said Trump.

In his speech on Kaga, the US president expressed his solidarity with Japan after a murderous knife attack on Tuesday morning south of Tokyo, which particularly affected schoolchildren.

"All Americans stand alongside the Japanese people and cry for the victims and their families," said Trump. "In the name of the First Lady and myself, I want to take a moment to address our prayers and our sympathy."

After leaving the USS Wasp, Trump had to take off for Washington with a technical stop in Alaska.

Moment of embarrassment:

Emperor Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum throne just three weeks after his father's abdication, Akihito, a first in Japan in more than 200 years.

Mr. Trump and the First Lady said goodbye Tuesday to the imperial couple, said the White House without specifying how they had done.

The visit was above all a demonstration of goodwill and good feelings, but a moment of embarrassment did not come less when Donald Trump, during his joint press conference with Mr. Abe on Monday, publicly disavowed his own advisers and contradicts his host.

The US president said he did not consider the two short-range missile tests carried out in early May by North Korea as a violation of UN resolutions or a threat to anyone.

"People around me think it could be a violation (...) What I see is a man who may be trying to draw attention to himself," Trump said of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Shinzo Abe, for his part, reiterates that this is a violation of UN resolutions and regularly highlights the threat to Japan near North Korea of ​​short-range weapons.

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