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The first KFCs in Belgium will open their doors soon

Three Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast-food restaurants will open their doors this year in Flanders, while another is set to open soon at the Brussels-North station.

Last December, KFC announced its return to Belgium, where the brand wants to open 150 establishments. It has granted franchise rights to Autogrill and Benelux Food Group.

The first establishment in the north of the country will be located in the shopping center of Wijnegem, near Antwerp.

"We have received the rights for the next five years to open 40 establishments in Flanders and Brussels," say Jan Peeters and Mathé Heeren, who founded the Benelux Food Group and who received KFC's rights to open fast-food restaurants. Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands. These KFCs will be located both in urban centers and on the outskirts.

However, the two entrepreneurs are not behind the next opening of the very first KFC of Belgium at the North Station of Brussels.

This establishment will be managed by Autogrill Belgium, which has obtained the rights for the opening of establishments of the brand in railway stations and motorway parking.

KFC is present in 115 countries and has 18,000 points of sale.

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