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The 11 Uses of the mascara brush

Faithful companion of your daily life, your mascara finally let you go? Although it is difficult to say goodbye, comfort yourself as soon as possible: your mascara brush, it can find new uses thanks to these few recycle and beauty tips that will make you love makeup in all situations!

Recycling tips to use your mascara otherwise:

The first step to mourning your mascara: clean the brush using soap and rinsing thoroughly.

Repeat if one wash is not enough. Allow it to dry out before you use it again and use it for these 11 beauty tips.

1) Brush your eyelashes:

Your new mascara tends to pack on your eyelashes? No problem, to separate them, take back your old brush: it will remove all the pies in a few seconds.

2) Brush your eyebrows:

Your mascara brush will also help you tame your eyebrows, either by applying care or by painting them for perfect eyebrows all day long.

3) Count rebellious locks:

You just managed the bun of the century but some rebellious locks have decided to get out of the ranks? No problem, your mascara brush will tame these locks without disturbing the rest of your hair!

4) Retouch your roots:

Do you color your hair at home? With your mascara brush, you apply your coloring product to the exact location of your regrowth, without fear of damaging the rest of your hair.

5) Erase your lips:

Yes, winter spares neither our skin nor our lips! For soft lips, put an exfoliant on your mascara brush and rub gently to remove all dead skin.

6) Brush your nails:

The first step of a neat manicure: clean your nails. Your mascara brush will fulfill this role perfectly by sliding under your nails and on the sides to obtain impeccable hands.

7) Make your jewelry shine:

To find the shine of your favorite jewelry, just put some toothpaste on your mascara brush and rub them. Rinse carefully, your jewelry is as sparkling as the first day.

8) Clean your keyboard:

Your computer keyboard regularly stores dust and crumbs of all kinds. The size of your mascara brush will make it your best ally to dislodge all these impurities in a few minutes.

9) Dust off your hair dryer:

Have you noticed that the filter on the back of your hair dryer is still clogged with dust? Once again, your mascara brush will beat all the unwanted dust.

10) Wash your faucets:

Far from its primary use, your mascara brush will help you yet maintain your faucets thanks to its all-purpose size that will scratch scale and limescale.

11) Clean your clothes and embroidered bags:

Have your pets coiled on your embroidered coat or glitter bag?

Removing tangled hairs in embroidery or sequins can quickly become a challenging task; again, your mascara brush will work wonders!

And you, have you also found a second life for your mascara brush? Share your recycling and beauty tips in comment.

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