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Qatar inaugurates 'vagina stadium'

A football stadium whose shapes are not unlike those of female gender was inaugurated in Qatar ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

The Al Wakrah stadium, already dubbed 'vagina stadium', was designed by the late Iraqi-American architect Zaha Hadid and will host matches until the quarter-finals.

This site is the first to be fully built before the tournament and features innovative technology to bring down the indoor temperature.

Zaha Hadid, who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2016, was inspired by the fluid form of an Arab Dhow. These sailboats are widely used for fishing in the area. The roof of the stadium should indeed evoke the sails of the show.

However, when the drawings were published in 2013, the shape quickly made observers tick because of this configuration resembling the female genitals.

"It's really embarrassing to see such crazy things like that," Zaha Hadid said at the time. "What are they saying? All that has a hole is a vagina? It's ridiculous. "

The architect, who is also responsible for the London 2012 Olympic Games Aquatic Center, the MAXXI Museum in Italy and the Guangzhou Opera House in China, added: "If a man did this project, he would not have had the same level of criticism.

The World Cup will be held in Qatar in winter so that spectators are not plunged into the heat. The Zaha Hadid stadium is located 20 km south of Doha, the capital, and was designed to reduce heat to about 22 ° C.

Cold air must be routed through vents while the retractable roof will provide shade for the terrain.

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