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How to apply your self tanner?

To look good all year round, the self-tanner is particularly useful! But for a gracious result, you have to know how to apply it. All our tips in this article!

The different types of self-tanner

All self-tanners contain DHA, a molecule that, when in contact with the amino acids in the skin, produces tanning.

The more a tanning agent contains DHA, the more intense the result! The first rule of a successful application is to choose your self-tanner:
  • If you have fair skin, choose products containing 1 to 3% DHA;
  • If you have matte skin of 3 to 5%; and if you want to prolong a summer tan already well established, you will remember a self-tanner containing 5 to 8% of DHA.
Whatever the product you choose, the color obtained will depend on the Ph of your skin, but also your hormonal cycle, your diet or the temperature. Each result is unique!

Self-tanners come in several formulas: spray, milk, lotion or wipes.
  • The most practical for the body is the self-tanning spray: its application is light and harmonious.
  • Self-tanning milk and lotion require a little more time and attention as they are more likely to leave marks.
  • If you are always in a hurry, self-tanning wipes will be the ideal solution for you.

And if you are a beginner, choose a progressive self-tanner, which will allow you to master with greater ease the result.

How to apply your self-tanner? 

Did you choose your favorite formula? Now you have to know how to apply the self-tanner!

Step 1: Exfoliate your skin at least a few hours before application. This is essential! This will smooth your skin texture and avoid small unsightly reliefs.

Choose an exfoliating product specifically designed for the body or face depending on the application you are about to make and spread the product in circular motions. Be brief and do not insist too much not to damage your skin. Rinse with cold water to tighten your pores, and you're done!

Step 2: Choose your application device, especially in the case of a lotion or milk formula. For example, use a large cotton disc for the face and a washcloth for the body. It will be more effective than an application with your fingers!

Step 3: Apply a very light first coat, especially if you have never tested the product before. If the result is harmonious, but you want a more accentuated rendering, you just need to make a second application. Caution is the mother of safety!

Step 4: Do not forget any place! For the face especially, do not stop at the jaw and extend your application to the neck. If you put self-tanner on the body, do not forget the recesses such as the back of the knees or the crease of the elbow for example.

Step 5: As soon as the self-tanner is dry, moisturize your skin.

Correct the failures:

Despite all the caution and attention of the world, the result is not perfect? Do not panic, it can catch up! To remove traces of self-tanner, mix lemon juice and two teaspoons of salt; rub and rinse.

Tip +: What you put on your plate can also help you tan! Think of foods rich in beta-carotene: raw carrot, melon, mango, apricot, red pepper ... In addition, it's good for your health!

Tips to share to properly apply his self-tanner or correct odd? Tell us everything in comments!

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