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FC Malines won the final of the Belgian Football Cup

FC Malines won the final of the Belgian Football Cup Wednesday afternoon at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. The D1B champion club beat La Gantoise 1-2 and became the second-tier club to lift the trophy after the RRC Tournaisien in 1956.

After a first quarter of an hour of observation between the two teams, La Gantoise inherited two clear chances on a direct free kick from Birger Verstraete (15th) and a tight shot by Jonathan David (17th), forcing the Malinois goalkeeper Michael Verrips to relax twice.

On a corner Rob Roboofs arrived in the feet of Arjan Swinkers, Mechelen responded but the defender's shot found a leg Ghent (24th).

After a shot by Vadis Odjidja just above the goal (30th), the 'Buffalos' opened the scoring with Jean-Luc Dompé, on the lookout for the repelled shot of Verstrate (1-0, 32nd). The French winger had already scored in the 2016 final won with Standard against Bruges (2-1).

Driven by public in number, the 'Malinwa' was quick to restore equality. On a center of Clément Tainmont deflected by Schoofs, Nikola Storm saw his fly volley pass between the legs of Thomas Kaminski (1-1, 38th).

The phalanx of Wouter Vrancken could have even regained the locker room leading to the mark but Schoofs, on a perfect Tainmont setback in stoppage time, shot at the goalkeeper Ghent.

Despite Ghent's territorial dominance in the first fifteen minutes of the second half, 'Kavé' gave itself another frank opportunity. On a counter-storm led by Storm, Tainmont saw his shot countered just past Kaminski's post (59 ').

Three minutes later, Schoofs found German Mera on a free kick. The Colombian defender crossed his head to give the lead to Mechelen (1-2, 62).

The Gantoise then began the siege of the opponent's surface, but Dompé's attempts (64th and 70th), as well as the nice movement between Roman Bezus, just out of the game, and Odjidja (68th), did not mislead Verrips. The Dutchman then brilliantly deflected a header from Dylan Bronn (73).

In a real Cup match, La Gantoise still had several chances but Kvilitaia (79), Bezus (84, 87) and Odjidja (90 + 1) did not find the flaw in the opposing defense. Proceeding against, Mechelen had the opportunity to kill the meeting but Matthys (84) was not precise.

A first D2 club since 2001

Mechelen, the first D2 club in the final since Lommel in 2001, won the Belgian Cup for the second time in its history after that of 1987. The 'Kavé' also lost four finals (1967, 1991, 1992 and 2009).

As for La Gantoise, it remains conceded to three awards (1964, 1984 and 2010) and two lost finals (2008 and 2019). This Cup was the best way to save an average season and qualify for the Europa League group stage.

The record of victories in the Belgian Cup still belongs to Club Brugge (11 wins) ahead of Anderlecht (9) and Standard Liege (8), winner in 2018.

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