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Face care: make yourself beautiful in 8 minutes chrono!

Because we have a job, children, friends to see and lots of things to organize, here are some beauty tips, to make you look good in 8 minutes!

Beauty minute: Perfect complexion in less than 5 minutes:

  • On a cleansed and dried skin, apply your day cream, moisturizer or regular mattifying cream with wide circular motions, from the temples to the nose, under the eyes and up to the forehead (to reduce wrinkle marks). Good makeup starts with hydrated skin! Duration of this express facial treatment: 1 minute.
  • Apply your concealer under the eyes, and use your unifying pencil on the redness and blemishes of your face. Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Then use a brush to put the foundation on the cheeks, forehead, nose, neck. Smooth, starting from the center of the face towards the outside. Duration: 1 minute.
  • If you wish, put a light layer of mattifying powder to prevent your skin from shining, especially at the forehead, nose, and chin. Duration: 30 seconds.
  • To look good, end with a touch of blush on the cheekbones with a brush. Duration: 30 seconds.

Minute Beauty: A doe look in less than 3 minutes:

For a star look, no need to take hours! Barely three minutes are enough to make beautiful :

  • Start with eyebrow shaping but do not go into detail: remove the most visible hairs and continue brushing your eyebrows to discipline them. Duration: 40 seconds.
  • Next, on your naked eyelids, apply your eyeliner. Raise your eyebrow and draw the line flush with the eyelashes, from the inside corner of the eye to the outer corner. For a deep look, also draw a line below the eye. Duration: 40 seconds.
  • Apply a light eye shadow on the eyelid, from the edge of the eyelashes to the bottom of the eyebrows. Then, apply a darker eye shadow only on the moving part of the eyelid and preferably on the outer half of the eyelid: this will open your eyes. Duration: 40 seconds.
  • Finally, put your mascara! Duration: 30 seconds.

Tip in +:

To finish in style, apply a touch of lip gloss or lipstick on your mouth and you will finally be ready!  Duration: 10 seconds.

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