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Choose and apply your eyeliner: our tips for getting beautiful

The essential element of your makeup kit, the eyeliner can be put in all seasons and all circumstances! Intense black, colored or sequined, in the office or in the evening, the eyeliner emphasizes the eyelids and enlarges your eyes. Here are our tips to choose, apply your eyeliner and make yourself beautiful with a brushstroke! 

Make yourself beautiful: what type of eyeliner to choose?

There are not one but several formulas of eyeliner on the market: eyeliner in powder form, liquid eyeliner in potted or tube, eyeliner in pencil or eyeliner felt, the choice depends on the desired effect ... and your mastery!

The felt eyeliner: the easiest to apply:

If you are just starting out, the easiest way to use is felt. It is applied directly to the upper eyelid without prior preparation.
It's more? You can interrupt the line and resume it without it being seen.

The eyeliner pencil: for a look at the Audrey Hepburn:

If you decide to use a pencil, make sure it is cut to make a fine line without burrs.

It's more? You can apply this eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyelids. By doing the whole outline of the eye, you will take a deep look at the Audrey Hepburn.

The eyeliner powder or liquid: for experts:

Finally, with a little experience, you can adopt the powder, to moisten before applying it with a brush, or the liquid eyeliner in pot or tube, to apply also with the brush, in the fashion of KhĂ´l, used in Egypt for over 3000 years!

It's more? The eyeliner powder or liquid will hold longer than others.

To be beautiful: what color eyeliner choose?

To complete your range of classic beauty products, opt for black eyeliner. But today there is a wide variety.

Fluo for those who do not have cold eyes, glitter for a night of celebration, or wiser, in navy blue, plum or dark brown: make your choice but avoid excesses!

The black, classy and glamorous, adapts to all occasions, for a makeup day and evening. It's a must! And if you opt for color, opt for dark colors in the winter, and bright in the summer to bring fun to the arrival of the sun!

Make yourself beautiful: our tips for applying your eyeliner

Afraid to miss your trait? This is often why women do not risk putting on eyeliner. However, with the good help, the eyeliner is used very well for daily makeup. Discover our tips and tricks for getting beautiful in one or two lines of eyeliner!

Rule no 1: the eyeliner works directly on a naked eyelid! Do not apply powder or foundation to your eye. If you use a pencil, consider heating the mine to soften it, using a lighter for example (let it cool later), the application will be easier.

Ready to apply your eyeliner and make you look beautiful? So let's go!

  • To avoid shaking, find a stable position, for example by putting your elbow on a table. If you have a magnifying mirror, it's time to take it out! It will facilitate the route.
  • Take your eyeliner in hand, lift your eyebrow with your free hand, and, if possible, look down to extend the eyelid and avoid creases.
  • Always apply the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outside, following the lash line as closely as possible. The rendering will be all the more natural.
  • Above all, never finish your line of eyeliner at the corner of the eye, because it will narrow your eyes ... and that's the opposite effect you're looking for! Thus, about 2 mm from the corner of the eye, leave the eyelashes to make the line start pointing upwards: it is this gesture that will open the eyes.
  • Once this first feature is done, do not hesitate to rework the thickness: let it finish for a nude makeup, thicken the line for a more glamorous effect. Iron the line a second time to hide any creases and demarcations of the first application, and remember to fill the day between the line and the flush if there is one

How to easily fix a small skid eyeliner?

And in case of skidding, get yourself a cotton swab dipped in cleansing lotion for the eyes: fast and precise, this technique will allow you to erase in a jiffy the burrs of your eyeliner!

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