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China unveils world fastest train capable of reaching 600 km / h

While the TGV and Thalys are moving at an average speed of just over 300 km / h, China has unveiled a high-speed train prototype capable of reaching 600 km / h.

600 km / h is the speed that can reach a new Chinese train whose prototype was unveiled this week. This magnetic levitation train was developed with the help of German engineers.

This project was launched in July 2016 and more than 30 companies, universities and research institutes have been working on it for almost 3 years. Built by state-owned CRRC, the prototype was released this week from the production lines in Qingdao City in eastern China. It will be tested in the coming months.

If its speed of 600 km / h is confirmed, this ultra-fast train can reach Shanghai and Beijing, the two main Chinese cities, in less than 3 hours.

40 years of testing (and mistakes)

It has been exactly 40 years since magnetic levitation trains make passengers dream. The first to carry passengers was launched in 1979 in Hamburg, Germany. Yet technology has never really taken off. At present, only six lines are still used for a cumulative line length of only 70 km.

In 2004, China became the first country to launch commercial use of a high-speed magnetic levitation train. The 30-kilometer line connects downtown Shanghai to the airport in just 7 minutes. Now, China is planning to move up a gear.

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