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Beauty minute: to be beautiful for an evening in 2 times 3 movements

Contrary to popular belief, to make beautiful for a party does not necessarily take a lot of time. It is possible, thanks to some effective gestures, to work his hairstyle and makeup in two movements. Discover all our tips for a minute of beauty.

Refresh her makeup for a party:

You go out for a drink or dinner with friends after a day at work? Rest assured, just three times nothing to look beautiful or refresh his makeup.

To get started, erase all signs of fatigue by tapping the outline of your eye with a little concealer.

Then take a tissue and dab your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) to absorb the shine of the day. Then, take out your powder and lightly pat this part of your face. It does not take more to display a cooler complexion!

Then go to look. Put on a little mascara if you do not already have one, then equip yourself with a black or brown kohl pencil and draw the outline of your eyes to intensify your look. Another possibility, if you are used to it, apply eyeliner.

Last step: the lips. Apply a nice lipstick, discreet if your eye makeup is loaded or more noticeable if you have little makeup your eyes. You are ready!

Clean and well-coiffed hair:

Make yourself beautiful for an evening involves making a hairstyle more sophisticated than the one you wear every day.

To do this, bring yourself dry shampoo, a miracle product to display clean hair without going through the box shampoo. Spray on your hair, wait a few minutes and then brush your hair to remove the remains of powder. Your hair is clean and bulkier!

Use your hair straightener to refresh your blow-dry or tie your hair in a fuzzy bun or in a high ponytail. Remember to wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it and give your ponytail a more sophisticated style.

You are ready in a few gestures, thanks to our beauty tips minute!

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