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7 Fitness Exercises to Build Muscles

Fitness has become, in the space of a few years, one of the most practiced disciplines in the world. It's simple, it can be practiced anywhere and especially anytime. The only difficult point: find the motivation.
Existing a very large number of bodybuilding exercises, let's discover together the 7 fitness exercises not to be missed. Realizing fitness exercises at home is possible.
Here are the practical tips for doing them safely and without risk of injury.
  • Make sure you have enough space around you
  • Ensure that the floor does not slip to prevent falls
  • Remove your jewelry
  • Prepare your water bottle
  • Prepare your towel and your carpet
  • Ensure that your outfit is in line with the activity
The 7 fitness exercises that follow will allow you to work the whole body, targeting specific muscle groups.


This exercise, well known to everyone and especially girls, allows you to work the thighs and glutes for you ladies.
Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, flex your legs and push your buttocks back, making sure your knees do not extend over your toes. Then push on the heels to return to the original position without locking the knees.


Slots, like squats, make it possible to work the thighs and glutes.
Standing, legs apart at shoulder width, take a big step forward and then do a leg flexion (maximum 90 °). Your back leg is parallel to the ground, resting on the toe. Push with your leg to return to the original position.


This new exercise is ideal for working the glutes.
Lying on the back, feet on the floor spread at the width of the pelvis, palms of hands on the ground. Lift the pelvis then return to the original position without resting the buttocks on the ground.


This exertiveness of torture allows to work the abdominal muscles as well as the iliopsoas. Sitting on the floor mat, bust inclined backwards, resting on the forearms, stretching the legs and then bring the knees to the chest. The feet never touch the ground.


If you want to have a flat stomach, sheathing will become your ultimate fitness exercise. Exercise helps to work the abdominal and back muscles. Resting on the forearms and toes, raise your pelvis so that there is alignment between the head, back and pelvis and maintain the position.


Probably one of the best muscle building exercises to work the upper body, they work on the biceps, triceps, pecs and deltoids. A complete and effective exercise to build muscles at home.
Resting on the arms, hands apart at shoulder width, feet slightly apart, bend the arms and then go back to the initial position.


The dips, a basic exercise in bodybuilding, allow you to work the triceps and pectorals with ease, anywhere and this, with a simple support.

Back to a chair or a tray, resting on the hands, feet apart shoulder width, legs tight and tight, the buttocks are in the void and only the heels are on the ground. Flex your arms to lower your buttocks and then go up.

The most important thing to see change quickly is the regularity of your training, without neglecting moments of rest. Following a program prepared by qualified coaches, such as Croq'Body , will help you to have turnkey sessions, combining "cardio", muscle building and stretching.

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