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Bitcoin Guide For Beginners

In the emerging era of information technology, you can customize the way with which you manage your business. You can make transactions with virtual payments to anyone at an extraordinary speed and the benefit of Bitcoins is that you won’t have to make any payment to the middle party as there is no electronic interaction with cards.

Facts About Bitcoin Wallet:

Whenever you make transactions with the Bitcoins you will be performing it from your personal Bitcoin wallet that can be your individual bank. Nevertheless, there is a specific mechanism behind the Bitcoin technology. 

If you don’t have the wallet key, you may not be able to obtain your digital currency. We will also like to tell you that if the key is given to an unknown person then he may take away all your money. Therefore, for your ease, we are offering you a guide with which you can find out how to setup a Bitcoin system for making transactions.

How to make Bitcoin Transactions with Bitcoin Wallet:

We are providing a list of famous Bitcoin wallets that can be installed on Windows or Mac. They are not simple wallets but they are stations in the Bitcoin network. 

They will retrieve, add and send your digital currency to other stations. You can develop one or more than one addresses by a simple click (an address is a string of numbers and here is an example: 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2). 

You will see an input place on the screen where you can paste the address of the person you want to send money and it can be sent directly to the other wallet. 

You can also make a QR code that can allow the sender to take the picture with the Bitcoin app on their mobile phone and send the Bitcoins to your personal bank on your computer. It is very safe to send Bitcoins from one wallet to another.

List of Bitcoin Wallets:

Bitcoin Qt:

This is the original Bitcoin wallet. This is a full-featured wallet with which you can perform all the Bitcoin transactions


You will need to install Bitcoin Qt to perform transactions with this wallet that is why it syncs like Bitcoin Qt. This wallet allows you to keep a backup vault and it can encrypt your Bitcoins. You can also store your Bitcoins offline with this wallet.


It is a wallet that is lightweight and it syncs quickly. It is easy to learn the wallet for new users.


This is a fast and lightweight wallet and you can also search for your lost data with this wallet by a passcode. When you have installed your wallet you can take several minutes in learning about different options.

You should search for the following items:

When you launch your wallet you can view a page that will tell you the number of Bitcoins that are in your wallet.

You should know that Bitcoins can be divided into smaller sets, so you may view a decimal number with plenty of zeroes mentioned after it. An interesting fact, 0.00000001 is called one Satoshi that is the online name of the Bitcoin founder).